Celtic-Inspired Engagement Rings

White gold is the most common choice for modern engagement rings, but it’s far from the sole option. Engagement rings in rose gold have surged in popularity lately, especially among women who would like a distinctive and feminine design. Is rose gold right for you? Here is what you have to know before you decide.

How Rose Gold Gets Its Beautiful Color

The gold that’s used to create beautiful jewelry pieces isn’t actually pure gold, but rather an alloy of gold and other metals. One other metals which can be used affect the color of the gold. For instance, white gold gets its color from white metals such as for instance palladium or nickel. Rose gold is a variety of pure gold and copper, which give it its signature blushing pink color.

Why Is Rose Gold So Popular?
Since the color pink is frequently connected with love and romance, many women believe rose gold is the perfect choice for their engagement ring. Add to that its association with antique and vintage-inspired rings and you’ve got a band that evokes nostalgia, warmth, and romance—perfect for individuals who want a band that’ll stand from popular “cool” white metal engagement rings. Because rose gold is such a versatile precious metal, it is useful with all skin tones. The warm glow of rose gold tends to bring out the subtle blush undertones in a woman’s complexion, therefore it is a beautiful complement to pale skin. The soft rosy color also contrasts beautifully with darker skin, so it can truly be worn by all types of women.

Why Is Rose Gold So Popular?
Don’t let its dainty and delicate appearance fool you–rose gold is incredibly durable. In reality, the copper that’s used to make rose gold makes this precious metal stronger than both white and yellow gold. This makes a rose gold engagement ring set ideal for active women or women who assist their hands. Rose gold is also cheaper than white and yellow gold. This is because copper is more affordable than other precious metals, therefore it costs less to create rose gold alloys than it does to create yellow or white gold alloys.

Shopping For A Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set
There are numerous tips everyone should follow when searching for a rose gold engagement ring. First, it’s important to choose a 珠寶 that’ll pair beautifully with the rose gold setting. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recommends pairing rose gold with a diamond that has a shade grade of D through L if you want the diamond to sparkle and shine. If you will want softer and subtler look, it’s perfectly fine to pair rose gold with a diamond that has a diminished color grade.

Shopping For A Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set
Many individuals also wish to incorporate colored gemstones into the design of their own rose gold engagement rings. If you wish to pair rose gold with a colored gemstone, it’s better to stay glued to warmer colored or pink gemstones such as for instance Morganite, rubies, and pink sapphires. There’s nothing more romantic than hearing your spouse request your submit marriage. A romantic moment like this really is much more special when it involves a rose gold engagement ring set. Allow warm glow from the rose gold set the mood for the proposal and make this moment much more memorable for both of you!

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