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Browse the safety and informational instructions which can be delivered with your mattress. These can have safety and care guides specific to your mattress and should only take minutes to read and understand. They will also point out to you the supplied labels and what the symbols to them mean. So make an effort and understand these first.

Simple Steps

Believe it or not but quite simple steps in the care of one’s mattress will prolong living of your polyurethane foam mattress over the years of you sleeping on it. So take a few minutes and consider the tips I raise for maintaining and taking care of your mattress and you might find the advantages of these simple steps.


If you should be simply considering replacing your mattress, then you should think about the frame that is going to be supporting it. This frame needs to be strong and securely support your polyurethane foam mattress with full support to the whole aspects of the mattress. If your frame isn’t up to standard, you might possibly need to consider replacing this as more than to 1 that could be ideal for your memory foam mattress.


Your polyurethane foam mattress needs to breathe. The most effective time to do so is once you take away the bed coverings for laundry. If you leave the bed stripped, then a mattress are certain to get time and energy to air and therefore breathe. In addition, it provides mattress a chance to get rid on any “new” smells or other odors.


It is always advisable to rotate your mattress. This may even out the areas that are slept upon and therefore allow even wear on all regions of the mattress. Note some mattresses can only be slept upon one side. So you will need to only rotate it 180 deg. This will still help prolong its life.


Look to have a stain protector fitted on your own mattress. It will then be removed and washed saving your mattress from stains and spills. Simple coverings are relatively inexpensive and is highly recommended to guard the mattress.

Avoid Food, drinkin bed

This can be a recipe for accidents. Should you choose any of the above in your bed you are then leaving your mattress more vunerable to damage from some of the foods, liquids entering experience of it. See points above on utilizing a symbol mattress reviews protector.

No Smoking in Bed

Apart from any health reasons for not smoking, it’s also advisable to consider that smoking in bed could cause fires and injury to your bed by hot ashes falling. And undoubtedly the bed smelling of stale cigarette smoke. If you wish to help keep your mattress in good condition, then is better to prevent smoking near or about the mattress.


Your bed in not a trampoline! Mattresses are not designed for bouncing on and this should be avoided at all costs. This action can damage the mattress and make you with a really uncomfortable sleep very quickly. Keep kids (And Adults) from bouncing on the bed at all costs!


When you are moving your mattress around the house you should tip it onto its side to carry it. This is the way mattresses are designed to be transported and should only be done by this method.


If you just have a vacuum utilising the upholstery attachment and settings in your vacuum and remove any dust and debris that is in your mattress. This could lessen in allergens like pollen and other foreign objects from living within the fabric of your bed.


Do not apply any chemicals to your mattress. These chemicals could stain as well as damage your bed. It is not advisable to utilize even simple household bleaches or cleaners. Your manufacturer’s instructions will recommend cleaning and maintenance systems that must only be used in the caring for your memory foam


Now you have got the time to read and implement our care instructions and tips now’s enough time to sleep in your bed and finally enjoy your brand-new memory foam mattress for many years to come.

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